Who we are

OPUS Consulting spans sector expertise, academic research and clinical practice. We are curious thinkers and restless doers, exploring new approaches to the persistent challenges of leadership, agency and social impact.

We share a common heritage, rooted in the psychosocial theory of organisational and social dynamics. We also draw on a rich diversity of individual backgrounds across many sectors and professions.

We are all members of OPUS – An Organisation for Promoting an Understanding of Society (registered charity No. 282415) which was founded in 1975 to promote understanding of the dynamics at work within society and organisations. The founding aim is to promote greater awareness of ourselves and each other in the way we take up our roles and responsibilities at work and in our personal lives.

OPUS promotes reflective and active citizenship through a combination of education and training, academic research and publication and organisational consultancy and coaching. OPUS is the sole owner of OPUS Consulting c.i.c and all our profits are generated for its benefit.