What we do

Change is a constant in organisational life, and its pace is ever-quickening. Trying to stand still would mean being left behind by markets, audiences, platforms, channels, trends and norms. Yet the fear of change makes us fight against innovation.

Adaptation is the only option – but only at a pace people can stand. OPUS Consultants understand the psychological dimension of change. We work not just with individuals but with the ‘whole system’ as well, to identify and realign maladaptive responses to change or the threat of it.

We help organisations, boards and individuals address issues of:

  • workplace culture and mental health
  • organisational values
  • identity and purpose
  • leadership development
  • employee engagement
  • change management
  • improving performance

We employ a primarily reflective approach, relating what is happening at a macro level, both inside and outside of the organisation, with the personal experience and responses occurring at an individual level.

We focus on bringing to light the aspects of culture and practice that are blocking the change pathway. By surfacing the dominant themes and patterns at work in the organisation, we enable it to understand how it is getting in its own way of achieving its goals. We work with people, purpose and depth.